Monday, 9 March 2009

0% all round.
The Raven has been very quiet for the last couple of weeks, its been a definite case of keeping his head well clear of the parapet. He's spent a lot of time looking at company balance sheets and income statements. On a valuation basis this market still appears to be very cheap, although the Raven is very aware that we're making fresh lows. He would really like to see some capitulation in the market, as such he believes the vix remains too low, he'd also like to see very heavy volume on a bad day. Last week he closed his remaining short positions as the valuation levels makes it feel like you potentially going to make a small amount very slowly or lose a lot very quickly if the market rallies or if it throws in the towel and you don't manage to cover at the bottom.

Interesting to see though that oil and gold are reversing their trends somewhat, to the Raven that is odd that we're seeing positive signals from the commodity markets when there are none in the equity market.

Some single stock thoughts tomorrow...

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