Monday, 20 April 2009


L: 13% S:25% G: 38% N: -13% ~ $D -10% $G 31% $V 0% $P 1%

The Raven is probably going to be selling out of his Sun Micro (JAVA) position today after Oracle have come in an made a decent offer for the firm, he doesn't think IBM can really compete due to the anti-trust issues. Apparently Oracle only sat down on Thursday to start discussions and hammered the deal out over the weekend.

Its interesting to note however that the deals being announced at the moment are cash deals, which has historically been a bullish sign for the market. Pepsico annoucing they're looking to buy their bottling plant.

The Raven is slightly short, but would like to increase his down side option positions at a level if it gets interesting today.

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