Wednesday, 1 April 2009

justice to their cause?

L: 8% S:36% G: 45% N: -28% ~ $D -25% $G 22% $V 0% $P 4%

Trouble makers that turn up wearing masks have zero intention of making a statement or supporting any 'cause' and are purely interested in smashing property and fighting with the Police. The Raven is sure that if it wasn't school holidays then this would be a lot quieter, he also supposes that its easy to rebel against the state and all it provides when you're an Eton school boy who never intends to work or use public services.

The Raven thought it would be a quiet European morning as he doubted that the majority of workers would be out today, although the US could yield a little more action. He closed his VOD long as it popped up this morning and he wants to get the portfolio a little more short, but doesn't have any particular targets at the moment.

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