Thursday, 25 June 2009

stopped out

L: 27% S:36% G: 63% N: -9% ~ $D 0% $G 0% $V 0% $P 0%

The Raven is licking some wounds after yesterdays price action, he was certainley right about the correlation of assets rather than their direction, which helped to reduce some of the risk. He's still thinking about what yesterday's statement really means, the language and the analysis of Fed watchers indicates to the Raven that rates are going to stay low in the US for a long time, that there is little threat of inflation, etc. He got squeezed out of half of his MCO short, but will be looking to put that back on today if the price action is stable, his FX portfolio moved as expected, he's increased the GBP position as well at the NOK.

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