Thursday, 4 June 2009

chart fodder

L: 88% S:12% G: 100% N: 76% ~ $D -12% $G 44% $V 1% $P 0%

This chart makes interesting viewing, given the long period of sideways movement between years 6 to 14. The Raven would also be interested to know what inflation was over this period and what the real returns would have been over that period of time. Politically it certainley smells similar with an increase in union power and political influence. It certainley makes the point very clearly that one should not be investing in such a way that he risk government theft, exposure to legacy costs, union demands, etc.

DDUP is trading above EMC's offer by 10%, thats a pretty heavy premium and implies a big comeback big from NTAP. The Raven has no idea at all what a rational price for such a business.

The Raven also notes the price action on the 200dma for the SPX, he expect it to trade rather technically in this region and it will certainley be interesting to see any reaction that pushes it away from this pivot on tomorrows jobs data.

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