Thursday, 16 June 2011

shopping list;

characteristics of stocks I would currently like to own;

revenue dependent on American business spending and consumer spending
cost of revenues largely dependent on commodity prices
no unionised labour, and low dependence on low skill workers
fixed rate borrowing, but generally low leverage.
plus all the usual requirements...

stocks I would like to short;

highly leveraged, floating rate
large fixed investments in commodities and supplying China


  1. What sort of business takes commodities or energy then turns it into services for western businesses and consumers. Airlines? Unionsied and/or low skilled labour there.

    Taxis? Not sure any of them are listed. Bus companies? Am I getting anywhere yet?

    Hyundai? Low leverage and non unionised skille workforce with a good offering to consumers and company lease buyers?

    Come on then, what stocks you found that fi the bill?

  2. airlines - unions, plus usually very leveraged balance sheets. UAUA and CAL merged and I think that might be an interesting entity to look at though as UAL.

    so far my thoughts are;
    Railways, specialist chemicals, restaurants, beverages.

    I also think that ad revenue could be interesting so ad agencies and Google.

    I'm going to check out Hyundai...