Wednesday, 2 September 2009

L: 121% S:159% G: 280% N: -37% ~ $D 0% $G 0% $V 0% $P 0.00%

The Raven has been rather preoccupied with external requirements this week, however its been a pleasant trading week so far. He's been looking at FX a little and noticed the NZD has been a painful short for a lot of punters, he gets the fundamental story and agrees, he thinks its worth a twirl as the technicals look like their blowing in the right direction now.

He's reduced his CYCL position due to pain and rebalancing. That made room for a nice BJS long, which has performed well as he bought a large position in the pain that was Monday nights close. Additionally he's been adding to his MVL over the last couple of days and hedging with a little bit of DIS, on a slightly lighter ratio than theory would suggest.

The macro picture has been looking a little more interesting and he's definitely hearing a lot more chatter and perky voices amongst the bears of the world. He's been running things slightly with a short bias, although he'd look to start to get flat at the 980 level in the SPX, its a big technical level and he'd be rather shocked if we shot through it.

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