Thursday, 21 October 2010

$STX call

Company said they couldn't give future guidance or comment on PE approach given legality, which made for a short (if late and bland) call.

Interestingly they didn't participate in the "13th week", which $WDC had said was at twice the average rate of the prceding 12weeks. They think that the 13th week was busier because of pulled forward demand because of China's golden week, and quarter end dates.

$0.31 EPS and missed revenue.
49.2mm units (backs out ASP of $55) they said approx 8% q/q price decline. gross margin of 20.4%
'competitors more tenacious than years past'

long discussion on SSD's and hybrids in relation to notebooks, netbooks and MacBook Air.

general thoughts;
STX had popped up on the Raven's LBO candidates screen just based on historical numbers, however he'd excluded it because of the margin pressure and "third competitor" issue. To him it doesn't make sense for a PE firm to take such a big punt on storage when there are so many issues which management of the firm really don't have so much control over. Its also not apparent that higher financial leverage is either appropriate or adds value to equity holders. As the stories appeared in the WSJ its not to be written off lightly, there's a pretty good chance that a bid does materialize, and the rumoured price range is anything from $15 to $25. Anything above the 52w should be heavily mentally discounted.

FT article on Hitatchi Global Storage

Hitatchi is looking to sell its storage business, interestinly its lower margins and agressive attempts to take market share aren't helping the supply-demand imbalance. Strategically wouldn't it make more sense to buy the lowest margin competitor, accept market share and work on the cost base? the $1bn price tag for ~ $2.5bn of sales would value $STX and $WDC at $4.32bn and $3.84bn, or $9.15 and $16.76+$8.7=$25.5

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