Monday, 3 August 2009

3% well spent

well not really, the Raven's 'oliday was relaxed and profitable even after spunking 3% of the portfolio on insurance. Good moves in NRG and a nice drop in MCO meant another good week. He closed his MCO position on Thursday night to lock in a gain until he was back in the office to do some proper work, he'd also broken a fundamental rule earlier in the week increasing that short position.

He's rejigged a few positions today and is busy updating models with last weeks data, plenty of reading and looking at a few results, its been a good first day back even if he feels he's not achieved too much.

L: 134% S:129% G: 263% N: 6% ~ $D -3% $G xx% $V xx% $P 0.04%

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